General Information: Concrete Canoe is an annual competition hosted by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). There are four judged components to the competition: Design Paper, Oral Presentation, Product Display and Canoe Races. The 2019 Mid-Atlantic Regional Competition will be held from April 13th to 14th at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown. The competition winner will then move on to the National Concrete Canoe Competition at the Florida Institute of Technology from June 6th to 8th.

Here at Drexel, the year starts with the design and testing of several concrete mixes. We batch and mix small test batches and once cured, cylinders are weighed and tested for compression. Next, the canoe forms are constructed and prepped for pour. This includes assembling a large wooden form around a hardened mold of the canoe broken into sections. Once the mix is finalized, the canoe can be poured and will be about 20 feet in length and weigh 250 to 350 pounds. In addition to making the canoe, an overall theme is created and a full display is built/decorated. Competition weekend includes displaying the canoe, giving a short presentation, and racing the canoe against the other schools within the region. Race day includes 2-male, 2-female, and a four-person co-ed race.

Even though concrete canoe falls under the ASCE, you do not need to be a civil engineer major to join. We are open to any discipline of engineering as well as any other major. This club is student led and student run, and offers valuable experience outside of the classroom.

Labs: Our lab is located at 3608 Powelton. Typically, we hold labs on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 PM; however, labs can meet on other days of the week depending on student availability.

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Project Manager
Marc Sbeglia
Assistant Project Manager
Andrew Howe
Construction Manager
Josh Loser
Mix/Paddling Manager
Alex Salerno
Faculty Advisor
Dr. Joseph Martin

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Concrete Canoe Team History: 

2019 Poseidon Regional Placement: 3rd

2018 Banana Boat Regional Placement: 4th

2017 Gladiator Regional Placement: 4th
2016 L’Arcadia Regional Placement: 3rd
2015 Close Out Regional Placement: 2nd
2014 Drage Regional Placement: 1st

National Placement: 10th

2013 Urban Legend Regional Placement: 2nd
2012 Imperial Regional Placement: 2nd
2011 Titanic Regional Placement: 3rd
2010 Canoodle Team did not compete
2009 Phanatic Regional Placement: 2nd
2008 Atlas Regional Placement: 1st

National Placement: 12th

2007 Atlas Team did not compete
2006 Concrete Charlie Regional placement: 1st

National placement: 10th

2005 Goondocker (The Canoonies) Regional placement: 1st

National placement: 11th

2004 Ghetto Fabulous Regional placement: 1st

National placement: 8th

2003 Paddlin’ Fool Regional placement: 1st

National placement: 15th

Note: Regional and National competition were hosted by Drexel University.

2002 Canoopa Loompa Regional placement: 1st

National placement: 13th

2001 Obi-Wan Canoebi Regional placement: 1st

National placement: 7th

2000 The Drexel Experiment Regional placement: 1st

National placement:13th